Federation of
German Associations for Music Education


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The Federation of German Associations for Music Education includes all important associations which specialize in the field of teaching music. The Federation has been representing the mutual interests of its member associations since its inception in 2001, performing this function on both national and international levels. One of the members' primary objectives is the development of mutual views, joint statements and courses of action with respect to topical and fundamental issues of teaching music, including those of corresponding academic study and research. The board, which consists of delegates from all member associations, is chaired by the elected president, who is officially representing the Federation publicly during his two years' time in office. Board meetings are at least held once a year and on demand. The Federation comprises the Arbeitskreis Elementare Musikpädagogik (AEMP), the Arbeitskreis für Schulmusik und allgemeine Musikpädagogik (AfS), the Arbeitskreis Musikpädagogische Forschung (AMPF), the Bundesfachgruppe Musikpädagogik (BFG), the Gesellschaft für Musikpädagogik (GMP), the Verband deutscher Musikschulen (VdM) and the Verband Deutscher Schulmusiker (VDS). Moreover, the Federation cooperates with the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Schulmusik an den Hochschulen für Musik in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (AG Schulmusik) and the Konferenz Musikpädagogik an wissenschaftlichen Hochschulen (KMPWH).

The Federation speaks for the German field of teaching music as a whole; it is the contact point for European and international associations and organisations willing to communicate and cooperate with other groups, such as the European Association for Music in Schools (EAS) and the International Society for Music Education (ISME).

The Arbeitskreis Elementare Musikpädagogik an Ausbildungsinstitutionen in Deutschland (AEMP) deals with the field of elementary music education and its academic curriculum and structure. Furthermore, it brings forward policy issues of the teaching profession in this area. Lecturers and professors of elementary music education at universities and other educational institutions providing studies of elementary music education in Germany, such as specialised colleges for music, joined up in 1994 to form the Arbeitskreis. The members assemble twice a year in order to maintain the continuity and progress of the relatively young academic discipline. Due to the approach of connecting music and human beings beyond age limits and institutional barriers, elementary music education has assumed significance as an independent discipline of music education in recent years. The AEMP holds symposia, which are documented for publication.

The Arbeitskreis Musikpädagogische Forschung (AMPF) addresses itself to the task of initiating, funding, supporting and discussing research in music education. It provides impetus to young researchers and sets up research projects. At the annual conferences, aspiring graduate students present research projects; in addition, students are given the opportunity to set out ideas and research findings. The Arbeitskreis, which was founded in 1972, has its own publication series, called "Musikpädagogische Forschung".

The Arbeitskreis für Schulmusik und allgemeine Musikpädagogik (AfS) is a professional body of music teachers in schools. Having been formed in 1953, the association is fully committed to discussing and shaping school policy on national and state levels. Moreover, it offers numerous courses in advanced training and education. In cooperation with associates, the AfS arranges a national congress of music education, which takes place every two years and is documented in the publication series "Musikunterricht heute". The association's magazine "AfS-Magazin" does not only report about current issues, it also provides a source of inspiration for teachers in terms of lesson plans, teaching material and classroom activities.

The Bundesfachgruppe Musikpädagogik (BFG) is actively engaged in all issues concerning music education at colleges and universities and advocates the cooperation of those responsible for the three phases of music teacher training and education. Its central issues relate to higher education, reforms in music studies, the coordination of curricula and institutional structures, as well as developments of education policy. Since 1972, the association consists mainly of lecturers from colleges of music, teacher trainers from state training seminars and subject mentors from training schools and lecturers of continuing teacher training. Symposia, which are documented in the publication series of the association, take place every two years.

The Gesellschaft für Musikpädagogik (GMP) came into existence through the decision of the associations GMP and VMP to unite in 1992. After having proceeded under the name of GMP/VMP, the associations decided to change their name in 2005. The GMP deals with a subject area which covers the full scope of music education, including teaching at preschool and nursery. "Musik im Diskurs", the association's publication series, provides all information about its congresses.

The Verband deutscher Musikschulen (VdM), founded in 1952, is the professional association and board of trustees of non-profit public music schools. It represents its member schools' mutual interests and requests directed towards authorities, professional associations, as well as other organisations dealing with music in society on national and international levels. One of its major aims is the support of instrumental and vocal music making and the provision of wide-ranging facilities of music education for children, adolescents and adults. Additional activities include further training and education, the organisation of congresses and formulation of curricula and recommendations for music schools. Its own publishing company "VdM Verlag Bonn" produces documentations, guidebooks, periodicals and further publications about music schools. The VdM is member of the European Music School Union and other national and international organisations.

Founded in 1949, the Verband Deutscher Schulmusiker (VDS) is one of the oldest associations of music education. As a professional body, the VDS advocates for music teachers at general schools and vocational training schools and addresses lecturers and students of music at universities. It promotes the improvement of music education at schools in the political and cultural sphere and hosts training courses and other events, such as competitions. Every two years, the VDS combines forces with associates to conduct a large congress, the "Bundesschulmusikwoche". 


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